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we are changing our world, our world is changing us

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here and now

This project is a collaboration between Open Lab and the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at Manchester University, FutureEverything, and the Great North Museum: Hancock.

A digital artwork combines artefacts from the Great North Museum: Hancock and elsewhere, with data about our environment to tell stories of how we are changing our world and our world is changing us. We created digital 3D models of the objects using photogrammetry and, for each object, we asked people from the museum and elsewhere to answer the questions “what is this?” and “what does it tell us about environmental change?” The digital artwork displays the 3D models, whose visability changes according to a particular set of data, whilst answers to the two questions play. The artwork was designed to be experienced at a large scale, and was shown over three non-consecutive days in Hall 3 at the Great North Museum: Hancock during the Great Exhibition of the North.

There is also now an online version of the artwork.

Also see further information about the objects and datasets in the artwork.

The digital artwork was devised and built by Dan Hett with content and additional design by Simon Bowen, and additional coding by Martin O’Leary.